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About Us


HUeMAN TV strives to create an inclusive forum where the voices of black women and other marginalized groups all have a seat at the table. We offer a collection of free ad-free content that centers on the experiences of those often overlooked and underserved by the mainstream.


HUeMAN TV is creating a virtuous cycle where content creators can realize their dreams and in turn inspire the next generation of storytellers. Authentically diverse, endlessly impactful, and focused on the success of the creator, we are creating our own tables.


Mission Statement

HUeMAN TV is a nonprofit organization that aims to

provide independent content creators from historically

excluded communities with the funding, resources, and support they need to bring their stories to the masses. More than just another streaming service, HUeMAN TV empowers and inspires creators and viewers to unleash their full potential.

Join Today and Experience Our Free-Ad-Free Philosophy

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