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So Many Ways to Support

5 Reasons to Support HUeMAN TV Today!

  1. To provide an opportunity for inspired and talented creators who may not otherwise have the resources to write, film, edit, publish and or promote their original work.

  2. To help create a safe-space for viewers of all ages to experience an immersive, intersectional ad-free experience.

  3. To directly fund shows that speak to your identity, sensibilities and interests.

  4. To take an active role in the creation of a multi-ethnic, cross-generational and gender-inclusive pipeline for the next generation of leaders in the television industry.

  5. To be a part of the HUeMAN TV Family, and know that you are contributing to our growth as a network for good.

Our Gift to You...

For your generous gift of $25/mo, you'll receive a HUeMAN TV logo t-shirt


At the $45/mo level, you'll also receive a branded water bottle and recognition in our giver's hall of fame.

Lastly, for your generous gift of $85/mo you'll also get a branded bluetooth speaker

Send a Check or Money Order
Payable to "HUeMAN TV" to
384 Northyards Blvd
Suite 190
Atlanta, GA 30313
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