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Raffle Giveaways

To enter, donate $10 or more by 12/31/2020. Each $10 buys 1 digital raffle ticket.
Single Edition Edmund Pettus Bridge Framed Print
 This original painting by George Galbreath of the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge has been turned into a 1 of a kind print for this special occasion. The print will come professionally framed (18x24) by the artist and has an estimated value of $450
Donated by Sohe Solutions and ArticulateATL.
$500 Bombchel Factory Gift Card
 This boutique, often described as an ethical fashion wonderland offers a sustainable fashion experience specializing in contemporary African designs for men, women & children. These unique, often one-of-a-kind pieces are sewn by disadvantaged Liberians for a fair wage. By Archel Bernard of Good & Well
Visit or visit their store in Ponce City Market
Holder Photography Studio (Half-Day Shoot)
Experienced portrait and fashion photographer James K. Holder II is offering a Half-Day (up to 4 hours) photoshoot with 15 retouched images. This can be in studio or socially distant at a location of your choice (Atlanta Only). Photoshoot is transferable. This package has a value of $650. Holder is responsible for the cover art of our original shows including Good & Well and Sew Like A Pro.
This package was donated by Holder Photography Studio

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