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HUeMAN TV Headquarters  291 Peters St. SW #2 Atlanta, GA 30313


         2019 brings plans for expanding our philanthropic support toward creative professionals in the form of in-house digital marketing, education and providing equipment rentals free of charge to vloggers, show creators and filmmakers. We call this program “LYNeQ for Creators” (Lending You Necessary eQuipment). The goal here is to lend kits of equipment to creators who may not have the budget to afford the tools they need to record and edit their programming. We will offer these devices at no charge, in exchange for airing their content on the network, in addition, we will promote content aired on the network with digital ad campaigns to increase viewership and reach, thereby giving new and veteran content creators the power to focus on their creative storytelling and produce the best possible work. In order to accomplish that, we will need a one-time infusion of capital (beyond our ordinary recurring expenses).

         To that end, We are asking for your kind donation today toward our $15,000 goal to launch this program, If each of our members donated $100, we would meet this goal, naturally we know that not everyone will be able to support at that level so we are asking those who can give more to give more and those who may not be able at this moment, to support in an amount of their choosing, or to simply share this appeal with friends who may want to support the program. Remember, your donations are now tax deductible!

         There is still much more to do and I’m thrilled with what our future has in store. I know you will be pleased with what is coming in 2019. Thank you again for your continued support. Here’s to a safe year end and a prosperous new year.


James K. Holder II

Managing Creative Partner, HUeMAN TV

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